Kina’masuti aqq Apognamasuti (Learning and Help)

Located in a cozy house on Melody Drive (lower level – access off of College Road), the Kin’masuti aqq Apognamasuti (Learning and Help) 原住民学生中心 (ISC) supports students in an educational and culturally engaging space on the 十大信誉网站 campus. As part of a larger strategy dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for Indigenous students attending the University, the ISC is a non-judgmental space where Indigenous and non-Indigenous students can gather, 合作, and engage in dialogue around contemporary Indigenous issues.


The ISC offers academic advising, 咨询, 推荐, cultural and traditional activities, 社会支持, 还有更多.


Kin’masuti aqq Apognamasuti (Learning and Help) 原住民学生中心

At the ISC you’ll find: computer stations; access to Wi-Fi; a group study area with a large table to seat up to 12 people; a lounge with comfortable seating; a large-screen TV; printing and faxing services; and a growing collection of Indigenous-based resource materials – many of which are available for loan. The ISC also hosts a number of events.

土著花园的学生, faculty and staff are welcome to tend to our garden, 充满了烟, 圣人, 向日葵, 羽衣甘蓝, 和多年生植物. The ASC also dries the plants, particularly tobacco, to be used for smudging.


The 原住民学生中心 strives to provide an opportunity to empower, encourage and educate all students of all nations in an environment rooted in indigenous cultures and values. Mount Saint Vincent University ta’n L’nu’k etl mawita’jik aq melkuktimi’tit kisi apoqnmasin aq kina’masin wen L’nuiktuk.


  • 保护/ kelo 'timek
  • 保存/像'timek
  • 促销/ welkwija 'luek
  • 授权/ melkuktimek
  • 鼓励/ ajipjutuek
  • 教育/ kekina 'mueyek


The 十大信誉网站 原住民学生导游 is filled with helpful information and resources for current and prospective Indigenous students.

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Find photos of the various events and initiatives led by the 原住民学生中心.