Leaders in Tourism - Tourism Education Alliance of the Maritimes - Thursday, March 26, 2020 6pm

important notice:

we appreciate how difficult these uncertain times have been on the tourism industry and wish to relay some information on our future plans for the tourism education alliance of the maritimes (team) event.

we have officially booked a new date of november 24th, 2020, for the rescheduled event. we will continue to monitor the industry climate throughout the following months to distinguish whether this decision will be appropriate and feasible.

thank you for your patience and support. more information will be provided once it is available. please forward any questions or concerns to business@msvu.ca.

introducing tourism education alliance of the maritimes

it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the tourism education alliance of the maritimes (team). TEAM began in 2014 with a vision to invest in the next generation of Tourism & Hospitality Management professionals in Atlantic Canada. This initiative, with other industry partners, was established out of the concern for the ongoing labour shortages in the tourism industry. According to the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, tourism labour shortages could surpass a quarter of a million jobs, costing the Canadian tourism sector $31.4 billion in foregone revenues by 2030. Regionally, tourism accounts for approximately 66,200 jobs with annual revenues of $3.2 billion.

team believes supporting our local tourism education program is one way, we as a community, can help to alleviate the labour shortage. our goal is to provide funding in support of post-secondary tourism education. over the last five years, team has partnered with mount saint vincent university to raise funds in support of their bachelor of tourism and hospitality management program. funds raised are used for program enhancements, improving program resources, and supporting students to attend annual volunteer and educational tours. mount saint vincent university prides itself on experiential learning in the classroom and through partnerships across multiple sectors. these initiatives not only advance tourism education and talent, but also invest in success of the sector here in atlantic canada.

the strength and viability of our tourism and hospitality management sector is fundamental to the health and prosperity of atlantic canada. together, we are investing in the future of our next great leaders and their contributions to our region.


Tourism Education Alliance of the Maritimes (team)

Mount Saint Vincent University

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