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when you enroll in one of our bachelor of science programs in applied human nutrition, you’ll be working with world-class faculty to understand the principles and research developments in this innovative and highly relevant field. whether you plan to become a dietitian, a researcher, or a nutritionist, whether you want to work in product development, food security or community nutrition, or the health care field, and whether you plan to build your career in canada or abroad, our programs will give you the skills and the knowledge that you need to excel. learn more about our mission, vision and objectives to support student dietetic education and help our students to achieve practice competence here:  missionvisionobjectives2020.

program options

you can choose from one of our three bachelor of science in applied human nutrition (bsc ahn) programs. learn more about our bsc ahn programs »

  1. bsc ahn nutrition: nutrition is the study of the relationships between food and its nutrients, food and the environment, and food and health. if you plan to pursue a career in food product development, the agri-food sector, community and social services, the health professions, or if you plan to pursue advanced graduate, medical, or professional studies, this program might be ideal for you.
  2. bsc ahn dietetics: studying dietetics will help you to understand how to apply the principles of food, nutrition and health to promoting the nutritional well-being of the public. when you earn your dietetics degree, you can build a rewarding career in community nutrition, in the food industry, in fitness and sports nutrition, or you can go on to become a researcher or pursue graduate studies in the field. in your final year of study in this program, you can apply for a dietetic internship to become a registered dietitian. or, as a graduate of the bsc ahn dietetics program, can apply to a graduate program with a combined internship, such as our master of science in applied human nutrition (internship option). internship applications are competitive. we encourage students with strong academic records to apply to these programs.
  3. bsc ahn dietetics with internship: in this program, you’ll combine coursework with the msvu internship education program (iep) in order to be eligible to become a registered dietitian. admissions to this highly in-demand program are competitive. if you have a strong academic record, we encourage you to apply. this dietitians of canada-accredited program will allow you to work as a dietitian in hospitals, long-term care, private practice, in the food industry, and more.

innovative learning environment

no matter which bsc ahn program you choose, you’ll learn about food, nutrition, and health issues in social, political, and economic health context, both in the classroom, and through community learning and unique research opportunities. our students participate in innovative projects and research on-campus and in the community. here are some of the unique facilities and opportunities we offer:

and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in student societies like the canadian obesity network, and the canadian association of foodservice professionals.

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