strategic planning working group – february 2019


• the president (chair)

• three faculty members (one from each faculty):

– professional studies – jennifer brady

– arts/science – dan séguin

– education – cornelia schneider

• one faculty member of senate: don shiner

• one faculty member selected by the faculty association: robert farmer

• one member selected by cupe: janet mcclain

• two members selected by the board of governors: amanda dean and anne mcguire

• one member selected by management and professional administrators: kelly cantelo

• one member selected by management forum: denise green

• one member selected by nsgeu: courtney davison

• vice-president, academic and provost

• vice-president, administration

• two students selected by the student union


• identify priorities to be reflected in our updated strategic plan

• seek input from key internal campus and external community stakeholders on priorities to be reflected in the updated strategic plan.

• attend various open sessions (on and off campus) to hear input. (note: not all members are required to attend each section – participation/representation will be requested on a voluntary basis.)

• advise and assist the president in preparing an updated strategic plan for review and approval by the mount saint vincent university senate and board of governors.