WELCOME Strat Plan Header

welcome to the online home of our new strategic plan, mount 2017: making a difference. we look forward to building on the momentum of our previous strategic plan, destination 2012, as we shift our focus onto five key goals:

goal 1: maintain a high quality teaching, learning and research environment

goal 2: recruit and retain a diverse, engaged and successful student population

goal 3: continue to lead in the advancement of women and social justice causes

goal 4: foster a campus community marked by respect, inclusion and engagement

goal 5: secure the resources needed to ensure our university flourishes

i encourage you to join us as we take action to ensure a strong and prosperous future for our university. below, you will find an introductory booklet offering a bird’s eye view of the goals and strategies included in mount 2017 along with the full strategic plan should you be interested in more detail.

we will post regular updates to this page as progress continues in hopes of keeping you informed as we build on our 140-year history of academic excellence.

mary bluechardt, phd
President & Vice-Chancellor